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Photo Editing contest at other Blog

I submitted an image for the photo editing contest mentioned in my last post


Photo competition


photo edit competion


Opened Fireworks and saved as new png file


Selected area around man

Used Magic wand + delete to remove unwanted areas

Used Hue saturation tool

Used Color Invert tool

Resized selection

Copied and pasted man twice

Relocated men and flattened to one image


Selected tree area

Converted to Grayscale

Used Color Invert tool

Copied and pasted image

Use Flip Horizontal tool

Lined up images so they were symmetrical

Selected both images

Copied and pasted images twice to form background

Flattened background images


Selected section of bridge

Removed unwanted pixels with rubber tool and magic wand + delete

Copied and pasted selection to form one long bridge section

Flattened selections to make one element

Use Hue Saturation tool
Changed opacity of image to approx 45%

Copied and pasted bridge

Used different Hue and Saturation levels for each color bridge

Changed opacity of each bridge approx 40 to 60%

Used transform tool to change angles of bridge selections

Exported as jpg

Embed in Web page

Created html file

Inserted image to html file

Uploaded to web server

Tested, tested and tested 

Click the link above to see the result