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Photo contest at another Blog

A blogger over at has decided to run a contest.The idea is to edit the supplied image.  You might like to check out or even enter the competition.

I have decide to use Adobe (formely Macromedia) Flash. It took about an hour and I worked more organically than anything else. read as: I didn’t plan like designers do.

My entry (if you want to call it that) is a little playful and probably extending the boundaries a little.  If I  get a bit more timre I’ll do a very serious one, but this one is a nice starting point with a little humour.

No competitions aren’t necessarily about winning, it’s always about participating and giveing yourself a short term project to focus on

I have listed an overview of the process, these are not the whole instructions, just a rough guide to the approach.

Brief overview of Editing Process

Open Flash Editor
Create a new file
Import image
Extended timeline
Used trace bitmap tool
Selected various areas
Copied to new layers
Created motion tween
Used colour editing tool
Changed alpha state at various points
Imported other images drawn in Flash
Added text content
Created buttons
Added stop actions and script to buttons
Created html page
Imported swf file
Saved file
Uploaded swf and html file
Tested, tested and retested

This was fun