A Strange way of buying a home

It’s funny how we miss the obvious isn’t it.  Over the last so many years I’ve been busy working teaching web development and other IT subjects.  Just recently a friend of my wife rang up to talk to me about web design as she knew that I was involved in computer technology and was wondering whether I could point her in the right direction and help her find a web designer to build a site.  Her request was a little different to most.  Many people want sites that will bombarded with customers that are coming straight from search engines and other digital doorways.  As my time is precious and I have a life outside the computer world, it takes a lot to convince me to do things that I am either not interested in, that have little benefit for the community or the time spent doing it outweighs the end result.  So I was extremely hesitant and was mentally running through my list of  suitable recomendations. As a musician I won’t play music I don’t like, so I’m not going to waste my time with other things that don’t really interest me either.

But after listening to what my wife’s friend had to say, I decided that building a site in this case, was something I’d like do. My wife’s friend has a small but rapidly growing business www.strangehomes.com.au that deals with buying and slling houses in different ways.   And really it’s quite logical, there’s more than one way to cook a potato so there must be other ways of doing everything else. I’d seen a man by the name of Rick Otton on television, an unusual Australian Real Estate salesman with a perculiar but likeable sense of humor; so I was already aware there are other ways of doing things with real estate.  My wife’s friend Shelly Strange had been getting so many calls about the strange way they have of buying and selling homes, she decided needed a site that will allow people to get the basic information they need and then if they are interested, they’d give her a call or send an email.  As this method they use is something that allows people that previously had difficulty entering the housing market and owning their own home, I’m all for it, and have built the site myself. And I may now even get back into build a few other sites as well, on condition they add joy or fullfillment to the community in some way.


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