logging on to life and the magic carpet

I booted up my body this morning, ready to logon to life, it took longer than usual to enter into the human network.  My Random Access short-term Memory seemed to be running a little slow and was passing information very sluggishly to my BPU (Brain Processing unit).  It’s normal for people to feel a little slow starting up, I know that but today was unusual because I felt incredibly foggy, very unlike me and it was extremely difficult to remember anything.  

It wasn’t until I was asked what would seem to be a ridiculous question that I moved out of the fog-zone.  Well how’s this for a question at 8.00 AM…”Is it any harder to levitate than be financially successful?”  Generally the response that most of people would give to a question like that would probably include the words ‘idiot’,  ‘are you feeling ok?’,  ‘did you take your medication?’, or a few other smart comments here and there.  But when the question comes from someone that you consider has their feet firmly on the ground and you regard them very highly, the reply to the question needs to have a little extra thought and be treated with incredible respect.

The person that asked me the question knows that I am not the proud owner of an authentic magic carpet, and also knows that I have never hung out in the caves in Tibet or studied any of the yogic flying techniques with a slightly famous organization that makes claims of developing levitation abilities; so why on earth ask me?  So I thought ok, let’s look at it from a very sensible angle and put the question and person  into perspective.   The person that asked the question has recently been spending a lot of time looking at what it is that has been preventing her from being financially successful and of recent times she has discovered that it’s possible that it’s her hidden attitudes and childhood programming that has been standing in the way of her having glorious weekends in art galleries in Paris, design courses in Japan and other delicacies. 

So the real question that she was asking is not so much about levitation or changing light bulbs without a ladder, it’s about the way we limit our thoughts by failing to undo what we have learnt about money from our parents, those around us in the community and our educators in colleges and schools .  And it doesn’t really matter that much whether there is any evidence about St Teresa blissing out and floating around the abbey in the West or siddha yogis in the East flying around mouldy caves with an over emphasis on self-denial, what matters is whether we can break through the mental filter that prevents us from being abundant.  And if we can have a breakthrough with our finance, then maybe we can move on a little and use other areas of the human brain that are lying dormant.  Years back I wanted to stop smoking, I found it very difficult to give it up, but for some odd reason I developed a strategy. This is what I did: First I gave up salt, then I gave up sugar, when I had mastered those two things I’d already trained my brain in the fine art of giving up, so to stop smoking was easy.

 So my answer to the original question is ‘no, probably not’.