Flooding in the Northern Rivers

A national disaster declared in the area I live in

 And even worse, all the beaches on the East coast region closed

Flood photos

The rising river

Flood photos

Corner petrol station

 Flood photos

Local showground


Soccer ground


Street shot

flood foto

School Basketball Court

flood photo

Road closed

flood fotos

That’s not a river


8 comments so far

  1. Dale on

    What are are the photo’s of, I had to just cut short my holiday with relatives in Dunoon due to flooding in Lismore,

    I would make it home if I couldn’t get across the bridge


  2. ShadowKnight on

    Wow dood that sucks big time. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. plantrubber on


    Around town Murwillumbah


  4. footiam on

    Oh! Disaster has never looked so beautiful!

  5. Gerri on

    I was following all of that on sky and I’m sure it was not fun being caught up in everything. But then again, I was caught up in a flood in Texas a few years ago and found it exciting. I managed to miss my flight back to NZ and my boss was not impressed but it was out of my hands.

  6. plantrubber on

    Thanks for the comment Gerri. No it wsn’t fun but strangely enough I enjoyed it not being so hot for a change during summer

  7. Rose on

    We had some bad flooding here as well.

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