Christmas Post – What is Love?

LOVE, has no boundaries or judgements. It embraces the totally of all things born and still unborn. It waits patiently for us to take her hand and follow her to our greatest potential, it forgives our shortcomings and speaks quietly to us when we need her most. Love creeps through our life often unnoticed but catches us as we fall. Love is our only true friend, our faithful companion that walks with us from age to age, beyond the graves.

Love is what we truly are

Tony Hogan 2007


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  1. Patricia on

    Tony, that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. plantrubber on

    Thanks Patricia

    sometimes the best stuff comes out by accident

  3. globalgirl on

    Yes, very provoking and lovely. I am grateful for the gift and purity of love.

  4. Thomas L on


  5. ldsmormon23 on

    I believe that what you say is true, but here’s something more, that i think would fit.

    Love is Christ, who is the person we want to become like.

    I know that Love can be inspiring and catch us when we fall as you say it, but who catches us when we make mistakes or sin? And who forgives us freely when we come to Him with a broken heart? The essence of Love is Christ, and that’s what this season is all about.

  6. plantrubber on

    Thanks ldsmormon for telling us your perspective, much appreciated

  7. unnikuttan on

    I like your definition of love. Merry Christmas!

  8. cloud9a on

    That’s wonderful, thankyou.

  9. ruth maule on

    this is a truly beautiful expression of the meaning of love tony and i wish to thank you for sharing

  10. ROMEO on

    I believe that love is that which was shown by the saviuor Jesus Christ and all others should be like unto it. Love without bounderies. An unselfish one. Anyone claiming to have such must be willing to give his or her love for another. That is the kind of love i admire and that which is called love.

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