Blog addicts

Yesterday I posted an article about blog addiction.

These are some of the responses I got from a discussion that I posted at Blogcatalog:

QUESTION: How do you know if you have a BLOG ADDICTION?

  • When you put people on hold on the phone so you can jot down quotes for your blog.
  • Not tonight honey, I have a blog.
  • If you post things on your blog like…”I had to go out for an hour but I’m back now”
  • When the question “Are you a blogging addict?” makes you blush, like I am right now. 
  • In your dreams, do you create a new post for your blog?
  • When you shout your blogs name out during sex?
  • When you keep eating pizza and drinking coke, continue sitting in front PC blogging!!!
  • When you spend almost half a minute squinting at the screen before your eyes can see clearly enough for you to see what you’ve just typed, and you still keep going for another few hours!! (I think I need glasses??)
  • When the the print is completely worn off of your F5 key from the zillion times you have refreshed to see if you have a new comment
  • When your outgoing message on your phone has your blog url and any urgent messages should be left as a comment on your blog.
  • (If you didn’t have to blog on the run you’d ditch the cell phone all together)
    me im now addicted to blog…it has many useful articles 

13 comments so far

  1. Denise nesbitt on

    I saw this discussion and it made me smile.

    Right now I MUST go and do some housework! LOL!

  2. genny on

    oh no i am blog addict heheh. Thats me even i am eating my dessert i am in my PC.

  3. yvonne rose on

    Not sure if im an addict yet but enjoy the communication that comes from blogging. Only drawback is you always have to speak knowing the whole world may be listening on the web. So does this effect your online persona, do we try harder to sound funny, interesting, entertaining or; can we still express all the dumb and boring things we think also?

  4. Tony Hogan on

    keep smiling

    enjoy the ice cream

  5. Tony Hogan on


    I guess we can dare to be ourselves…

    or you could do what a lot of people do…
    create a cyber personality… Hi, my name is Guru Joe Bloggs and I’ve come to teach the world about ….(fill in the gap)


  6. Kathleen on

    um…What about if you dream about creating new blogs to fit your posts? You know, “This doesn’t really fit…Maybe I should start a new blog for that topic!”

    See, I know I’m not really addicted to blogging, because I haven’t figured out how to use my cell phone for blogging. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  7. meleah rebeccah on

    I am guilty of every single thing on this list. I am an addict FOR SURE.

  8. Fiona on

    A good friend of mine spends every available moment on his Blog sites and I’m concerned he’s missing the joy in life. Is there such a thing as Multiple Blog Disorder?

  9. plantrubber on

    Fiona …as long as the friend is still capable of having a coffee and a chat he should be allright.

    As MBD, not sure on that one

  10. Talia on

    Big tick for the taking notes thing.
    Half a tick for the callin gout blog names durin gsex bit- I more get ideas for posts and have to stop and write them down. Hubby doesn’t like that.

  11. plantrubber on

    that’s really funny


  12. earthwire on

    i am not very old in blogging world, but i can see from this post what future i am headed to 🙂

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