Sunday morning not throwing plates and liking Blues

Sunday morning is often the time when we are most likely to tell the world to go away.  “When I woke up this mornimg..” sounds like a blues song.  I don’t think I’m ever going to do what I did this morning ever again.  I got out of bed and thought I’d just configure a couple of email forms for some sites that I’m building.   Two hours later my head was hurting, things that I’ve used in the past that have always worked…didn’t, same web host, same form, minor edits…’she no go’. 

When frustration reaches a certain level there is a  tendency to throw plates, (and I don’t mean in a joyous fashion like you would at a Greek party).  It wasn’t until I walked downstairs away from nerdville and put some music on ‘Eric Bibb -Diamond Days’ the awesome acoustic blues singer, that my mood changed.  Once there was an external influence I could then look at the problem from another perspective.  So I tried plan B and guess what, it didn’t work either but at least I was happier and I had eliminated something that could have been a waste of time and would throw fuel on the frustration fire.  So I then forwarded an email to someone else to have a look at, regardless of the fact that it was something that I could fix mysef at some point in the future. 

I guess the bottom line hear is to know when to turn the computer off, step back a little and something that brings joy.


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