Digital doubles and real dopplegangers

Have you ever heard that each of us has an identical double somewhere in the world? A bit of a scary thought..I guess we could play with the idea a bit. Imagine if  our double had a sense of design or dress taste very different to our own…and even further, imagine if we saw them in the street somewhere just for a brief moment and we thought they looked just terrible…imagine wearing a shirt like that, yuk what an aweful color… the mind boggles, how confronting.

What led me to that idea was, I was very curious whether my guitar blogs were displaying on Google or for those that wish to save energy, Blackle.  So I Blackled for”tony hogan guitar” and then I tried “tony hogan” without “guitar”, and started wondering if any of my long lost friends or music associates could find me.  So yes, I Googled, Blackled and Yahooed myself for a couple of days (sounds like some sort of party trick) to see the results.  And what I thought was interesting was that there is a Tony Hogan faith healer and also a Tony Hogan artist.    Why this is intriguing for me is because at some stage in the future I’ll be completing my cartoon book and I’ve always been very interested in faith healing because I have seen and  experienced so much evidince of it. 

 So why not Blackle, Google or Yahoo yourself and see what other YOU’s are out there.

Now as for dopplegangers, there are some absolutely ridiculous intepretations out there, anyone that has ever seen one will know exactly what I am talking about.


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