Another Digital Fathers Day

 I’m new to this wordpress blog and accidently deleted two posts the other day while  I was quickly trying to fix an issue.   Normally I backup everything and assumed there would be a simple way to recover something I deleted in a WordPress blog.  Well I couldn’t find one, so I waited a few days thinking it may have been cached by Google, and it wasn’t because I had deleted it soon after I created it and the Google bots didn’t drop in during that period of time. 

I waited and waited, then this afternoon I thought I’d check and see whether I could recover it and yes!!!, there it was cached somewhere else in the Digital Universe and it was found with WPfind search tool.  So I’ve had another digital fathers day.

Nothing is lost forever, it’s always out there somewhere in Cyberspace.


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  1. Yvonne Rose on

    ** two questions 1/ is Flickr Photos a good extra widget to have on your blog??? and
    2/ how often do the google bots visit?

  2. Yvonne Rose on

    technology and the heart – is that an oxymoron =
    a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. ‘wise fool’ or ‘legal murder’
    2 x comments in 1 day!

  3. plantrubber on

    Hi Yvonne

    Great questions. I located an interesting article about Flickr (no it’s not a horse). Check it out

  4. plantrubber on

    Hi Yvonne

    Maybe the following article is useful

    and scroll down to “WordPress Blogroll Tip”

  5. plantrubber on


    Re: Oxymoron = “A moron panting for breath”

    There’s a really nice saying I heard somewhere and it was something like. “Science without principles is dangerous.”

    So I’ll add “technology without a heart is a meaningless waste of time”. In fact anything without a heart is a waste of time.

    I’ll post the Don Juan quote as an aditional response. Path with a Heart

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