network and keep your sanity

The most successful  people I’ve met are those that have managed to surround themselves with  the right people, and by successful I don’t just mean those that have the ability to accumulate currency.  I know a lot of extraordinary people,  but they probably don’t realize that I see them as extraordinary.

When you work in information technology and want to keep your sanity, you’ll find there’s a need to create a network of people that specialize in different fields e.g. a networker, security expert, virus guru, designer, coder, marketer, animator, webbie person and most of all, and the one that everyone forgets is somebody that knows nothing about computers but has the courage to say ‘that doesn’t make sense’.  A lot of people try and do everything themselves, generally not recommended if you want to have a bit of time to enjoy your life.  Yes, it’s nice to have an understanding of the different aspects of technology and to be able have a good clear overview of what’s going on but a good network of sharp minds will minimize the frustration that comes from doing things solo too often.

It’s very easy to underestimate  people,  I’ve been caught out many times on that one. About two years ago I had a student in a class for thirty six weeks and at the end of the course she gave me a copy of a book she had written, a true story of how she had floated in the ocean for six days in the Philipines clinging to the side of a broken canoe, include a few sharky things, a desire but shortage of food and no bottle of sunblock and you’ll get a great picture of what was going on…and you think you had a couple of rough days last week!  In the early eighties I got to travel the world for some time.  What a lot of travellers learn is the art of making friends quickly and after travelling for a while they develop the knack of appreciating the short time shared with the people they meet, knowing that they may never see the other person again I’ve often found that strangers have had a powerful impact on my life.   

One of my favourite quotes is “Live life like it’s your last day on earth, make peace with everyone”, and yes it is a hard one to live by because somedays we’ve got more buttons to push than a web development tools download site but it’s one worth pondering, and a great one for a reality check in a world where virtual reality and digital personalities are coming to the fore and for some people more important than their everyday lives.   Maybe blogs in a way are a bit like travelling, we pass through someone elses life briefly as we wandering through the digital world and we pick up some small thing that could be useful to us.  And I’ve also found that it’s the small things that we learn that can bring about great change.


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