the latest techie gadget will make me rich

I’ve decided I’m going to think of the next big thing in technology so I can spend the rest of my years in luxury.  When you grow up next to a surfing beach it becomes obvious that there is a giant market for surf related products.  It’s common knowledge that if you mix IT (Information Technology, not cousin It) with another industry, you will find yourself a niche market, inch wide – mile deep.   At this point I think the obvious solution is the waterproof laptop that either clips onto a surfboard or maybe just attaches by a legrope.  The ads would say ‘wireless waterless networking, send email, chat, blog, watch utube, surf while you surf’. Does this sound silly? I’m open to suggestion so if you’ve got a better idea let me know.  I guess it does sound silly at the moment but so did many other things in the past.

Who’d ever thought that when they first built the Kombi, that people would one day paint them pink add a few yellow flowers, put lime curtains in the windows and head off around the coast. Or even things like Google, with it’s clean looking white interface and simple colorful logo would also come in a black and white version called Blackle to help save energy. 

Change is probably one of the only things that is definite, how we deal with change is the important issue.  If we resist change we suffer but if we accept  things that we can’t change, regardless of what it is, our journey becomes easier.  Any ideas for new technology please contact me immediately.


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