a pixel, the moon and another cult

Does this sound familar? Person A: “There was a really nice sunset last night”. Person B ” “Not as nice as the one last week”.  Or how about, ” I just got a new PC”….”Ohrr, they’re crap, I only use Macs”.  “I’m going to Bali”….” I was there in ‘79, I wouldn’t go there these days”.   It’s really quite easy to sabotage another persons joy.

Last night I went to see a lunar eclipse, not what I’d usually do on my birthday, but when other people are excited and are claiming it’s lining up just for me and there’s cake, candlelight and other goodies, it’s hard to say no.  So I went.

Sometimes it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about things that others are excited about.  I’ll try to paint a picture here. Anyone that has ever been around fussy graphic designers will understand straight away when I say, ‘imagine staring at a computer screen for an hour watching the design change in a Photoshop file one pixel at a time every now and then, and the designer is saying ‘yes that’s better’, and you’re staring at the screen going ummm…yeah but I can’t really see much difference’.  And then occasionally they change the opacity of the image about three percent and they’re saying “now that’s better”…and you’re there squinting and desperately trying to look artistic and share the experience.  I’ll say this another way…imagine being in a room with somebody and they’ve made a decision to move the room around, and then it starts, they move a piece of furniture one inch,  sit down and say ‘ah yes, I like it’ and repeat this for an hour and ocassionally dim the light a little and you’re thinking Carlos Castenada looking for his ‘spot’ as prescribed by Don Juan…. well that was similar to my experience last night . Yes I did see a bit of orange, or apricot or red and it did look a little 3D every now and then but it was extremely subtle.  I really wanted something a bit more zig zaggy, bouncing across the sky, maybe giant balloon size and so close I could almost touch it.  And yes undoubtably there must have been some groups of people somewhere dancing around in outfits similar to Batman or Zorro celebrating the luna milestone, but where we parked there was only our car in the car park.

So, not to sabotage the glorious moment and try and find a ‘true meaning’ of something that some people think is astrologically substantial, I lay in bed last night trying to get something from the eclipse.  People around me informed me that this was about me aligning my life.  I’m not big on Astrology as I reckon they haven’t found all the planets yet and anyhow Pluto’s been demoted and those that are in the know tell me that Ayurvedic astrology is far superior. 

At about four o’clock this morning I awoke and opened the curtains to find a normal looking fullish moon shining brightly and in a lunatic moment I came to the realization that it IS about me realigning my life.  Credibility of blogger has probably just gone down, but I’ll persevere, I like a challenge.  Well if I’m represented by the Earth, and the moon represents everything I’m wanting and the sun is my hidden potential and that which I’m capable of aspiring to and if I can bring these three into alignment I’ll have an end result that is truly worth something.

So what does this mean in real terms

  1. Check what skills and assests I have on hand that are genuinely useful
  2. Create a real plan of where I wish to get to
  3. Get off my bum and go and do it

So now I’m tempted to start my own Cult, called the ALIGNMENT OF SELF AND REALIZATION OF ONES HIDDEN POTENTIAL SOCIETY PTY LTD.ORG…but I’ll spare the world the extra suffering

 “Well, it’s my birthday and I’ll smile if I want to” 🙂


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