parting of the digital seas

Some years ago I was sitting in a computer class, vaguely planning my life and thinking about going into the area of computer audio training and consultation, specifically for musicians.  At that time I’d forgotten that although many young musicians had never heard the song by a band called Silver which included John Batdorf, they somehow could probably relate to the lyrics of one of the songs that the band sang, “The rent’s due tomorrow, there’s not a penny to my name, and it seems like I’m learning first hand, what it’s like to be a musician”.   Beautiful song but to be honest, there’s a lot of reprogramming required if you’re going from the ‘poor muso’ mentality to a life of abundance.

One of my teachers that is now a good and absolutely hilarious friend told the class that I was in, that his teenage son had come to him and complained that there was no work around, no future opportunities and he may as well just hang out doing nothing all day.   The response he gave his son that he related to us was probably one of the classic turning points in my life.  He told his son that the job that he was doing now, didn’t exist eighteen years ago.

It didn’t take to long to realise that my original computer audio plan was flawed; it was either too early or in the wrong locality for me to earn a suitable living, regardless of my level of expertise.  My kids were happy and I wouldn’t have moved anywhere else for anyone anyway.   The words of wisdom rang true for me and I realised that I just had to follow my intuition and be involved in technology of some sort, keep myself up to date and things would be fine.  Although I didn’t have a crystal ball to look ahead, I was very confident that opportunities would arise.  Before I knew it I was involved multimedia, specifically Flash Animation and being a creative person, it turned out to be a very good outlet for me creatively and also a great way to make money.

So where’s this blog leading.  These days there is a giant separation going on, a parting of the digital seas I guess.  Some people are hesitant to get involved in technology but what they are up against is quite challenging, not just for them but also for people with technology skills.  Most organisations are swapping over to electronic systems of some sort and even to make a simple phone call to many businesses we have to work our way through a series of recorded messages.  Push one to repeat, two to delete and three to reheat or some other nonsense.  I remember calling a phone company, all I had to do was answer yes or no. The response I got from a pre-recorded message was ‘I’m sorry what was that you said?’ Now keep in mind my accent is not too unusual.  A simple task is so complex now.  Online banking is becoming the norm, music shops are closing down because people are getting music ‘elsewhere’ and digital addictions are now a major concern whether we realise it or not.

So we are sort of cornered here with our new toys, in one way we need to be techie savvy just to get by in daily life but at the same time we need to be very conscious of keeping it in its place or else it could easily become our next serious addiction before we know it.


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