the new digital promised land

There is a new breed of person emerging in the world of technology.  If we look back twenty or thirty years there was a giant gap between the world of the (supposed) Spiritual and the physical. The vegos on one side of the river and the carnivores on the other, those that thought they ‘knew’ and those that didn’t (as viewed from the point of view of those that were sure they ‘knew’).  While all the ‘not knowers’ were building their empires and focusing on the physical, the knowers were burning inscense, being here now, discussing the environment and subconsciously programming their brains from having a life of possessions.  And I guess if you have the mantra “All I want is nothing”…ummm well guess what you get.  So now as the hairlines recede, life coaches emerge from them there hills by the dozen, various yoga styles become deIndianised and are morphing into something that suspiciously reminds us of aerobics, a whole new wave of people are seeking to become ‘abundant’ and are dreaming of packaging their products into webable items ( read as: marketable on the www).

As a teacher of information technology and a man that is comfortably guilty of living in the hills playing 6 to 10 hours a day of guitar, I now find myself surrounded by people that wish to add some of their wisdom and treasures to the electronic world.  So the question is, do we set up  some sort of digital Nirvana separate to the rest of the Internet that runs at a higher vibration and use an unspoken mantra as a login that is forwarded telepathically or do we let those that saw a quick buck 30 years ago run amuck now and and raid the cookie jar while the financial newbies are contemplating on how to do it?


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