The heart of technology

After my encounter with death last Monday I guess what I’d like to do now is find the meeting point between technology and the heart, and no, I don’t mean a pacemaker or some other medical contraption. And also no, I haven’t had some new age awakening or minor satori. The challenge that I see is to find that place where technology can be turned into something that opens the heart a little wider, leads us to greater compassion for not only others but for ourselves, and helps us develop self-confidence and adds to our self-worth, and in saying self-worth I don’t mean an inflated ego. I mean, something that leads us out of the numbness, repetition and routine of life and into a lifestyle that is fresh, continuously creative and untaps our potential (this sounds scarily new age but no there are no crystals on my bookshelf).

But really, if we’re going to spend many precious moments of our lives around these computer things, we need to be sure that we get something back from them that has some sort of worth and is a tad more useful than watching sitcoms about dysfunctional people or those incredibly ugly violent television shows about people dying and trying to sort out which person with an over abundance of anger did it; or worse still, reality tv, if that’s reality and is in some way stimulating, we are all in serious strife. And maybe there’s a good market for training people to return to life.


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