digital life or death

My welcome to post is not what I had planned, nor ever dreamed of.  I had set up  a blog account yesterday and my intention was to use it for Information Technology purposes. 

This morning at work I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen for sometime.  It was nice to see her, we hugged briefly, we spoke about her family and I headed off to my classroom to teach Flash Animation.   After about 15 minutes I heard a loud noise and went out to investigate, only to find my friend had collapsed in the corridor and later this morning passed on to wherever is the appropriate place for her to go to.  Before the ambulance arrived I managed to hold her hand briefly to try and comfort her, to tell her who it was that was there and she whispered something to me, I’ll never know what it was.  She wasn’t a close friend but somehow my heart has been touched and I’m hoping that the brief moment I had with her was somehow comforting for her as she headed off on her new journey.  And maybe it’s a blessing for me that she had given me a special moment to carry through my life.  And hopefully as my days go by I will remember the importance of the gift that I was given, the beauty of the world around me and the precious days with my loved ones which I so often take for granted. 

In teaching information technology I often find that people are moving further and further into the digital world with computer games and other digital obsessions and have less time for the real people around them, for nature and for things that are 3d off the screen.  And maybe the greatest tragedy being that a young person may spend his or her entire teenage years lost in a virtual world.  

A good friend of mine that works as a psychologist has always pointed out that when there is a shadow, it’s important to look to where the light is coming from.  And in the sadness and loss, I’m reminded of the precious things around me shining brighter than ever.

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  1. Timmy on

    Wow, that is an inspiring little tidbit. I’m impressed by your positive attitude about the event. I actually try and carry out the same idea. You can see that when you read my post. Something good can always be gained from something that may seem unpleasant at first.

    I also agree wholeheartedly with your comments about video games teens(even younger) these days. Many kids allow themselves to be consumed by them.

    • plantrubber on

      Timmy, sorry for the slow response, a whole pile of comments slipped past me.

      I really appreciate your response


  2. ruth maule on

    yes i remember that morning during a flash class and what you’ve mentioned about looking to where the light is coming from, and the precious things we have, mainly loved ones,is a heartfelt and true comment. thanx tony

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